"Politically Correct" Should Be Renamed "Not Being a Douche"

I think it’s a good idea.

Here’s an example from my life: I’ll call you out for using “Oriental” as a way to homogenize all Asian people, and I’ll probably be even more fervent when you do it as a joke. When you roll your eyes at me and say I’m being “politically correct,” you’re essentially saying that it’s my problem and not a problem inherently in the terminology of “Oriental.” You’re saying that the problem is not, in fact, the history of the historical commodification and homogenization of a people from an entire continent, and that the problem is certainly not the Europeans who decided to engage in such activities and reap the benefits from several Asian cultures.

Nope, the problem is obviously me and my tiny little feelings which are apparently less important than yours, and so you can use “politically correct” as a way to further diminish those feelings because it obviously means I am wrong and you are right. Good for you, rebellious savior who defeated the politically correct half-Asian lesbian and her evil evil feelings!

So yeah, people should stop waving “you’re being politically correct!” as if it’s some kind of penalty card you can use, because to me, it just shows that they think someone’s right to condescendingly joke or disparage is more important than someone’s right not to feel disrespected. Excuse me if I’m walking an extra step to make sure people feeling valued and respected.